Concrete Takeoff Spreadsheet

The Concrete Towel-To-The-Ground Spreadsheet is designed to help real estate investors understand what the current market trends are for concrete hoists and how that affects the value of their real estate. This template was designed by a commercial broker to give them a basic understanding of how concrete hoists are selling in this market. The commercial broker wanted to understand the trends in concrete hoists as well as the factors that affect their value.

The Concrete Towel-To-The-Ground Spreadsheet includes three sections, which are categorized into three sections of analysis. These three sections are: analysis of hoist components, analysis of hoist pricing and analysis of hoist performance. These three sections will provide the broker with an understanding of the condition of concrete hoists in their real estate market.

Analysis of Hoist Components: The first section of the analysis includes the components of the hoist itself. This includes the lift mechanism, lift platform, hoist tower, bob and loaders. The platform is also important because it is where the lifting action takes place. All of these parts will need to be inspected to ensure that they are in good condition. The inspection process will include checking that the platform is level.

Analysis of Hoist Pricing: This section of the analysis will consider how the hoist prices within each category of service. In order to know how a concrete hoist is priced, you must know the price range in which that hoist can be sold within. This will include things like range of service, hoist model, manufacturer, available lifts and the type of hoist used.

Analysis of Performance: The second section of the analysis is the performance of the hoist itself. This includes the maintenance of the hoist equipment efficiency. A good ratio of maintenance will be included to compare that specific concrete hoist to other models of the same type.

Analysis of Performance: This section of analysis covers the materials that the hoist is made from. By knowing the grade of concrete that is used, you will be able to determine how well that particular hoist will perform.

After analyzing the three sections, you will then go through a dry run of the analysis. Each section of the Dry Run needs to be evaluated to determine whether or not the analysis performed successfully. If the analysis is successful, the investor will have a general idea of what kind of hoist they can expect to purchase in the future.

The Concrete Towel-To-The-Ground Spreadsheet is the ideal tool for evaluating the performance of a concrete hoist in today’s real estate market. You will be able to easily compare the performance of hoists from different manufacturers, models and services to see what you should be looking for when buying your next hoist. Whether you are looking for a hoist to increase the value of your building or to hire a contractor to do it for you, you will be able to make a wise investment by using this calculator.