Cover Letter Template

Do you get writer’s block when it comes to writing a cover letter? Don’t know what your cover letter format should look like? Want to be sure you say everything you need to without saying too much?

Well, no more staring at a blank cover letter page trying to figure it out! A good cover letter template will break your writer’s block, give you the right cover letter format, and have prompts about what kinds of things to say right in the letter template.

Now, don’t confuse “cover letter template” with a boring “form letter.” I’m not talking about writing one form letter that you send to all the employers you want to work for. A cover letter template — good cover letter template — will help you write a new cover letter for each job you apply for. And that targeted cover letter will sound friendly, professional, and unlike any other cover letter sent by any other job seeker.

All About Cover Letter Templates

On this cover letter index page, you’ll find articles and sample cover letter templates, including:

  • The answer to: What is a resume cover letter template?
  • Word cover letter templates that make it easy to have a good cover letter format.
  • More cover letter templates for special job seekers.
  • Lots of cover letter samples, each one created using a cover letter template.
  • Where you can download good cover letter templates (and other letter templates) for your job search.

So check out the following links. You’re bound to find at least a few tips about using a cover letter template that will give your cover letter an edge over the competition.