Dorm Room Checklist

This post is all about a dorm-room checklist. Dorms are the perfect place to find yourself alone for long periods of time, getting to know yourself, strengthening your social skills, studying, making new friends and just enjoying the experience. It can be quite a struggle sometimes to decide which roommate to spend the most time with, who will share a bathroom with you, who will turn your music up at night or who will drop by for lunch every day. With summer quickly approaching, it is time to begin planning what college necessities you must bring with you to campus in a simple and straightforward manner to check off. Here are some college dorm checklist ideas.

If you have pillows, there is a good chance that you own more than one. Pillows add comfort to a dorm room, giving a good night’s sleep to whoever sleeps on them. Be sure to purchase extra pillows for each bed in your dorm. A dorm-room checklist will list all of your required pillows as well as the sizes.

If you like sewing, you may want to invest in a dorm-room checklist that lists all of your sewing kits. If a roommate has a roommate, there is a better chance that they all have the same sewing kits so it would be best to purchase a sewing kit for all of you from the same place. You will also need a bed risers if you choose to make your own bunk beds. Having matching bed risers is a nice touch. Your bed risers will also come in handy if you decide to make a study area out of your dorm room.

Most people who go on a college experience have at least a few personal belongings, such as books, electronics, small appliances and office supplies. If you feel uneasy about storing your personal belongings in plain sight in your dorm room, consider bag storage options. You can purchase a loft bed or purchase a dorm room storage locker. Just be sure you know what size storage unit you will need before you purchase because you do not want to get a unit too large for your personal belongings.

Most people have at least a few personal items such as pictures and other mementos that are necessary for college search tests. Since most students have these items, it would probably be best to just put them in a protective plastic container. This can keep your personal belongings safe while waiting for your college search test. Another thing you should consider for college search tests is that most dorms are not equipped with extra personal storage space. If you can not find a closet for your personal belongings, consider putting your things in storage containers or storing your things in your friends’ rooms.

Lastly, it is always a good idea to make sure you have good lighting in your dorm rooms. You may be living in dingy dorm rooms with little light during the day. This is bad news for you because it will be difficult for you to study. You also need to make sure you have a way to get your laundry done.