Ecologist Resume Sample

Here’s a chronological CV (curriculum vitae) sample for a zoologist who wants to work as an ecologist / environmental sustainability and ecosystem management scientist. This science resume is a shorter version of his academic CV and is used mostly for non-academic job applications.

About This Sample CV for an Ecologist / Environmentalist

Franco (not his real name) wrote his CV with the goal of sending it to nonprofit organizations and corporations. Here are things to notice about this CV.

  • Career Objective. An academic CV does not have an objective statement. Because this is being sent to a corporate or nonprofit employer, Franco stated his career objective to help the reader understand what role a zoologist might play as an ecologist.
  • Summary section. Most CVs do not have Summary sections. Franco included one on his because he knew it would be helpful to highlight his qualifications at the top of his three-page CV.
  • Indented lists. Rather than writing his topics in sentence format, Franco put them in columns (at the top of page 2) to make it easy to read. These topics are very relevant to his career objective and, because they are in columns and indented a bit, they will get noticed during a quick scan of his CV.
  • Gap in employment. After Franco got his Ph.D. in 2009, he took a break and didn’t get a job until 2011. He left that span of time unexplained because everything else on his CV is strong enough to make up for that gap in employment.
  • Publications. Key to a good scientific CV is the Publications section. Having been published is a sign of expertise and recognition in one’s field. An employer will be impressed with Franco’s.