Employee Training Resume Sample

About This Sample Combination Resume for Employee Training

Here are some points about this combination resume sample that I think make it a good resume:

  • Career change. The skill headings in this resume format make it easy for an employer to focus on the skill sets that Mitchell (not his real name) will need in his new line of work.
  • Job promotions. These are listed neatly under the company name so it’s easy to see that Mitchell has a thread of success in his background.
  • Shorter work history. I did not include Mitchell’s first job (which was on Mitchell’s functional resume) because it made his work history longer than it needed to be.
  • No dates for college degrees. I didn’t include dates in the Education and Certification section because they would have been a big clue about Mitchell’s age. He was worried those dates might make him look too old for his job objective.
  • One page. The functional version of this resume was just a little more than a page long. By dropping Mitchell’s first job and tweaking the spacing, I was able to bring the resume down to one easy-to-read page.