Follow Up Email To Hiring Manager In Sporting Goods Sales

Brian emailed his sales resume to the manager of a sporting goods store. Later that week the manager replied that she was impressed by his resume and wanted to interview him. Brian sent this follow-up email to confirm.

There are a few things to note about this follow-up email.

The email subject line sums up the whole email. Later, if Ms. Jones is looking for Brian’s email, she can find it in a quick scan of her email subject lines. And, without even opening the email, she can see what day and time she’s meeting with him.

The first paragraph responds to Ms. Jones’s request for an interview. The paragraph is short and restates the day and time.

The second paragraph suggests a topic for their conversation: Brian’s PowerPoint presentation. Whether Ms. Jones says yes or no to Brian bringing the presentation, he has shown his sales drive by suggesting it and he highlights the fact that he is a good presenter.

Take a look at Brian’s follow-up email.

Subject: Sales associate interview, Brian Christoff, Monday 3 pm

Dear Ms. Jones,
Thank you for inviting me to interview for the sales associate position. I can definitely meet you at the store on Monday, August 16th at 3:00.

In addition to a list of work references, would it be helpful for me to bring the PowerPoint presentation I used at the last Athlete’s International Conference?

I look forward to meeting you at 3:00 pm next Monday.
Thank you,
Brian Christoff