Grade Sheet Templates

A grade sheet template is an official document that a teacher prepares for his or her students, generally at the beginning of the academic year, to serve as an official record of the student’s academic performance throughout the year. Grade sheets usually present worksheets in the form of multiple-choice answers. Students are required to complete a set of workbooks and answer questions in each category. In order to successfully complete the assignment, students must be aware of both the type of answers they are given and the types of answers they are required to select from a multiple-choice answer sheet.

Most grade sheet templates come with several themes that can be selected from to make them unique to the teacher and the school. They often include a religious theme, nature themes, art themes, mathematics themes, and writing themes. Themes provide a way for teachers to personalize their grade sheets and to control the level of variability present within each template. Most standard themes are relatively consistent across all sheets, although teachers may choose to customize their own templates. Customized templates provide flexibility for teachers by allowing them to create unique styles and designs for each student.

The template details include the names of the students who will be completing the assignment, the span of this assignment (date, time, and grade), and instructions for the completion of the assignment. Additional information such as essay question and answer choices and student assessment reports are often included along with the grade sheet templates. Additional grading sheets may also be included with the document in order to keep track of individual student scores. Most instructors choose to use a single grading sheet for each class.

The most common format for grade sheet templates is horizontal. Most teachers place the first two rows of sheets on separate lines, with each sheet positioned to the left of the other. Occasionally, the first two rows of sheets will alternate between the right and left sides of the page. The third and fourth rows of sheets will appear on the same line as the first two. A typical template will have blank spaces at the top and bottom of each horizontal page. These blank spaces are used to place notes and information about the lesson.

Some instructors choose to add instructional prompts at the start and end of each lesson. These prompt types are often referred to as “buttons.” For example, a button might indicate that the student has been required to complete an essay, and then it would indicate that the student has been given a list of homework goals for the next week. Other grade sheet templates allow the use of custom text boxes for student answers.

Many instructors find that using standard, blank template forms is more convenient than creating their own grading sheets. Standard grade sheets also allow for the consistent formatting that many instructors require for their students. In addition, most standard templates come with template designs that are easy to use.