High School Counselor Internship Resume

Here’s a chronological resume sample for a high school counselor internship. It was written by Anne, a college student working on her Master’s degree in Psychology. When you click on the link, Anne’s cover letter will open in a new window so you can toggle back and forth to see how the resume on this pages matches up with the cover letter in the new window.

About This Sample Resume for a School Counselor Internship

There are a few things I’d like to point out about Anne’s resume:

  • Job Objective statement. The job objective statement at the top of this resume is key because it explains what job Anne is seeking. Without it, her reader would have to guess whether she wants a teaching job or some other position.
  • No Summary section. Anne did not include a Summary section. Instead she used formatting techniques such as bold text and underscored section headings to help her reader quickly find the most relevant info at a glance.
  • Education. Her pending Master’s degree is the most important aspect of her application for the school counselor internship. For that reason, she placed her Education section near the top so it would be one of the first things her potential employer would see.
  • Balance of experience. Anne has a good blend of experience in the field of education. Having been a teacher will help her be a good team member with the school faculty when she becomes a counselor. Her experience with special needs students is also a valued part of her application.
  • Punctuation. Notice Anne chose not to place periods at the end of her statements. Ending statements with periods is optional on a resume, however it’s important to be consistent throughout the document. In other words, either place periods at the end of all statements or no periods at the end of any statements.