International Marketing Executive Cover Letter

In this cover letter sample for an International Marketing Executive, Andres shows that he’s done his homework and knows what his reader needs. He also addresses an issue of possible concern: his current unemployment. He does this very diplomatically in the last paragraph

Unemployment Gap Explained in a Cover Letter

Generally speaking, it’s not a good idea to mention unemployment in your cover letter. However, in Andres’ case, he felt the need to explain his current state of unemployment and assure his reader that the family matter that required him to take a break from his career is now over and he’s ready to return to International Marketing without further interruption.

Cover Letter for an International Marketing Executive

Andres Mejilla
000 Laaro Way
Orlando, FL 12345

August 1, 20xx

Ms. Yvonne Lucky
Director, International Division
BAR Manufacturing, Inc.
00 Coral Highway
Miami, FL 12345

Dear Ms. Lucky,

Does BAR Manufacturing have the potential to double — even triple — its number of international licensees within one year?

Having examined your company’s products, track record and current performance, I believe that it does — but only with the correct senior executive on board.

My track record in international marketing, development and licensing speaks for itself (please see my attached resume). And, of course, my extensive contacts in U.S. and foreign embassies and commerce departments help facilitate business.

The take-home message? I can help your business soar.

I left Mohr, Inc. late last year to take care of some pressing family matters. Those matters are now completed, and I am available to start work immediately. If you have time in your schedule, I’d like to speak with you next week so we can talk about when, where and how I can start increasing your presence in the international market. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Andres Mejilla