Masonry Estimating Spreadsheet

Having a masonry estimating spreadsheet can be a great way to improve the appearance of your home. If you are an architect, project manager, builder, or homeowner who is considering laying stone, brick, stone veneer, stucco, or brick, it can save you time and money.

Masonry estimating is a business that runs along the lines of real estate investment management, architecture, construction, engineering, maintenance, and design. The design company I work for used to use this type of software, called Masonry estimating spreadsheet. It was very good software to use when we were building various projects.

The reason I mention that in the recent years has to do with the decline in pricing of labor. More companies are using subcontractors to cut down on overhead. In my experience, the work on the stone construction of a home can be done in three days.

You can use this tool to run your contract with a stone mason, engineer, contractor, or sub-contractor. You can use the estimator to make sure that the estimates of time, materials, labor, and so forth are all reasonable. If they are not, you can usually go back and negotiate the prices.

I used this tool to schedule and manage my two major project projects. One of them was to build a new home for the man in my family, which we had bought, but where he didn’t live. The other was a new pool for the entire family to use for the summer.

There are many years of experience and references from families who have built their own homes using the same formula that I use for our new home. You just add up the time and cost of materials, which is what the calculator will tell you and use that as a basis for negotiating prices. The only problem is that if there is no contractor willing to bid on your project, your estimate results in nothing. If you use this calculator properly, you can generally get some kind of compensation for time spent on the project, or for the money spent.

Masonry estimating spreadsheet is an ideal program for architects, engineers, builders, and contractors to use. I recommend it highly.