Record Sheet Template

A record sheet is a record kept to track different pertinent information about the current status of supplies or materials, or the progress of construction. It usually contains the total number of hours worked by every employee on a given job. Record sheets are also used for auditing purposes. The total number of hours worked, the number of errors made, the duration of the work, the quality of the work done, the cost of the materials, and the other relevant information needed for auditing.

Before recording sheets, the company must prepare several types of them. The first ones are called the official record sheets. They can be bought from designated recording departments. Most companies prepare their own record sheets from scratch, while some even prepare duplicate versions of the official record sheets that they need from their suppliers. In this case, they prepare duplicate copies of the record sheets that have already been approved by the management before shipment.

After preparing the record sheet, it needs to be loaded onto the tape roll. It is then ready to be distributed amongst the employees, or just sent to the concerned offices if the company has several locations. The next step is recording. An employee must place the magnetic surface material on the top of the sheet. A special type of tape is used to hold the magnetic coating material firmly on the record medium comprise of the paper.

There are several methods of loading the file format onto the document roll. The first method is to convert the file format to a Word document. One can do this by using the open Office suite, which is available free of charge. Then, the file can be converted into a Word document by clicking “File” > “Open”. Another option is to install a third party PDF reader like Acrobat Reader to load the file format.

In some cases, there may not be a need to convert the file format. If the file contains graphics, one can simply include them in the document without conversion. Some companies also integrate a Word macro, which enables the conversion of the record sheet template into Word so that one can use the converted version of the document.

Record sheet templates may be divided into two categories: those that are used in the workplace and those that are used for printing purposes. For instance, a weekly record sheet template is used in the workplace where the employee records all activities related to work. On the other hand, a magnetic paper template is usually used for printing purposes.