Sample Cover Letter For Alternate Strategies Analyst

(This link will open a new window so you can easily toggle back and forth between the two examples.) By reading both the letter and resume, you’ll get a sense of how the employer might have viewed Richard’s job application.

Here are a few things to note about this letter:

  • Target. By looking at Richard’s resume and cover letter, you can see that both are targeted for a specific job posting at an investment firm. In both documents, Richard lists his qualifications so they closely match the job post without using the exact words in the post.
  • Career change. As you can see from Richard’s resume, this job application is for a slight career change from one industry to another. Because Richard wants to downplay that change, he didn’t mention it at all in his cover letter. To see how he addressed the career change on his resume, please read my resume notes on that page
  • Cover letter objective. A key purpose of Richard’s cover letter is to convince the recruiter to download and read his attached resume. Richard used bullet-point formatting to highlight the qualifications he thinks will achieve that goal.

Cover Letter Example for an Alternate Strategies Analyst

Dear Recruiter,
I recently saw your CEO, John Miller, on Bloomberg Television, discussing Flexstart’s success and explosive growth. It caught my attention, and I consequently performed a career search through your company’s website.

I found the Alternative Strategies Analyst/Absolute Return Strategies position, and believe I would be well suited to perform this role very successfully based on my:

  • Interest in capital markets, proficiency in financial analysis, and desire to complete the Chartered Financial Analyst program.
  • Proven analytical and quantitative skills as well as success in past analyst roles.
  • Outstanding academic performance.
  • Experience working effectively with individuals and teams throughout all levels of an organization.

As I am located near your Danbury office, I can be available for interviewing at your earliest convenience. Please contact me at 123-555-5555.

Thank you!
Richard Lkhfs

Attached: Resume for Alternative Strategies Analyst